Welcome to HitmanDB! - Short version

Post contracts. Find contracts. Rate contracts. Rate escalations. Rate elusive targets. Rate missions. Have fun.

Welcome to HitmanDB! - Long version

What is HitmanDB?

HitmanDB aims to be the best place to find, share and rate Hitman contracts on the internet. Currently the game still lacks the options to rate other people's contracts and delete your own contracts, meaning it can be difficult to find anything worth playing unless you know exactly what you're looking for. In HitmanDB, you shouldn't see any contracts people made only for testing purposes or to unlock a quick challenge, but the ones that were made to be shared.

HitmanDB also has a rating system that allows you to rate other's people's contracts on a 1-10 scale, so the top contracts are easier to find. Even if you don't plan on submitting your own contracts, I recommend creating an account so you can give ratings and make it easier for other people to find quality content.

In addition to the contract database, HitmanDB also tracks elusive targets, escalations and missions from the entire Hitman series, all of which can be rated the same way as contracts. So perhaps eventually we'll have a sample size big enough to show what is generally considered to be the best mission in the series.

Can I add my contracts that are featured? What about other people's contracts?

Contracts are tied to HitmanDB accounts, so you should add your featured contracts to get them to appear as your contracts. Just type 'FEATURED' in each of the id fields when adding a featured contract.

Since contracts are tied to accounts, you should only add your contracts and not other people's. However if you run into a good contract by someone who you don't think is ever going to submit it themselves and want to share it, that's fine. Just remember to give credit to the creator and use your own judgement.

Can I add piece of information XYZ to my contract?

I'm aware that people want to list all sorts of things about their contract from lenghty flavor texts to weapon restrictions to preview images, but for now there is only a general 500 character info box that you can use in any way you wish. I do plan on expanding the options eventually but as my time is limited and there's a ton of contracts being made on a daily basis, I decided that it'd be better to launch it quickly and expand when possible rather than keep polishing it with no real timeframe.

In short, the site is very bare bones right now, but there are plans to expand, polish and redesign later on. Assuming the site is at all successful.

Who owns HitmanDB?

Hi, I'm Kotti, a first year software engineering student from Finland. I've been a Hitman fan since Hitman 2 and have done speedruns of the games since Blood Money. I've also made a strat roulette for Blood Money and Hitman Season 1, and have tracked speedrun records and escalations in public Google docs. Hopefully HitmanDB will eventually make the docs obsolete.

Just so you're aware, I've never managed a site like this before which is a big part of the reason why everything is so limited for now. It's also a great reason to not use the same password you use everywhere else. I had some help regarding securing the database and passwords and believe the site to be secure, but it doesn't hurt to be extra safe.

If you need to contact me for whatever reason, the easiest ways to do so are Hitmanforum and Twitter.